Climate and Geography

Overview – Zalyndrya is approximately half the size of Earth. Its distance from its sun is such that its years are almost the same length as Earth years. With three continents (Dravaca to the east, Myscania to the west, and Woodsband to the south), multiple island chains, and vast oceans, there is an abundance of life and a variety of creatures that may be encountered.

The more populated areas on the two northern continents are situated around the temperate zones, which tend to be mid-to-southern regions of Myscania and Dravaca.  There are smaller settlements in the northern reaches of both land masses, but they tend to stay isolated from the rest of the world as a whole.  Of course, there are some exceptions – trade is the most common reason for one to leave the North – but they have learned to survive on the resources that the land and sea provide.

The southern continent of Woodsband is closer to the middle of the Equator, and as a result, has a much warmer climate.  The land is mostly forest and rain forest, but there are many streams, lakes, and rivers that run through it.  One river in particular runs north to south through the middle of the continent, and serves as the boundary point between Evemyst and Evesrun.

Myscania and Dravaca – Both continents have temperate generally temperate climates. They enjoy the benefit of all four seasons in almost equal intervals.  The exception to this is the northern regions, where winter lasts about two months longer and the summers are cooler. The northern areas are not as populated as the middle and southern regions, though, so the difference in the seasons does not affect many people.  Both continents have a variety of topographical features including plains, mountains, and forests.  Dravaca is almost completely bisected by a mountain range that spans from close to the northwestern coast almost to the southwestern coast.  Myscania has a smaller range in the mid-western region of the continent.


  • Evemyst – Located on the western half of Woodsband, Evemyst has a warm climate with very mild winters. While their forests receive an adequate amount of rain, it almost never snows.  The shade from the trees helps mitigate the summer heat, and the lakes that can be found throughout the region provide relief as well.
  • Evesrun – The climate of Evesrun is also warm, but tends to be wetter than its western counterpart.  The landscape is closer to a jungle than the forests of Evemyst, but its residents have adapted well.  Summer tends to bring a lot of rain, and none of the elves of Evesrun have ever seen snowfall within their borders.