Elves populate the southern continent of Woodsband. Borders to Evemyst and Evesrun are closed to outsiders. The southern continent is divided into two countriElveses; Evemyst claims the western half, while Evesrun claims the rainforests to the east. There is little interaction between the two. Despite that, they do share some similarities.

Elves are slender, agile, and skilled with magic. Their average lifespan is between 1500 and 2000 years. They are recognizable by their pointed ears and by the coloration of their hair, which starts light near the roots, and gradually reaches a darker shade or color at the ends. They tend to be shorter than human, averaging just over five-feet-tall. Physical strength is average for their size, although elves who work as blacksmiths or carpenters develop their strength due to its necessity for their trade. They have their own language, which is also spoken by southern Merfolk, but most elves learn the standard Zalyndryan language that humans speak.

Society and Culture

While the genders are considered equal when it comes to rights and societal influence, Elven culture leans towards matriarchy. The elves believe it is the community’s responsibility to raise children, so their young are taught to respect all elders. Children are usually given the same surname as their mothers, although it is not uncommon for their fathers to live with them for some time. However, due to the longevity of their race, elves do not marry. The idea that one would spend hundreds of years with the same person is absurd to them. While elves do form partnerships, and cohabitate with a chosen partner for years or decades, they try to keep the termination of relationships civil to maintain a peaceful society.


  • Evemyst – Evemyst is ruled by an elected council of fifteen elves. Members are chosen every five hundred years, and elves are not permitted to serve more than one term consecutively. They can be nominated again after a full term has passed since their last service. All laws, judgments, and treaties are decided by the council, and issues affecting the country as a whole are presented to the people for public opinion before they are decided. In order to be eligible to vote for council members, an elf must be at least three hundred years old. Only elves older than seven hundred are permitted to be nominated for a council position.
  • Evesrun – Evesrun is ruled by a monarchy combined with a small council of five advisors. A monarch serves for life, and chooses his or her successor before death. If the monarch dies before an heir can be chosen, then one will be appointed by the council. Most elves of Evesrun are bound by traditions, so very few new laws are ever enacted, and any change is gradual.